by Mental Devil Slayer

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released November 29, 2014



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Mental Devil Slayer Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Break Free (feat. Undogmatic)
It’s costing you patience, testing your strength when
You’re the leader that’s holding the load for your nation
Upholding your laws, they’re golden they’re sacred
Faith activation, you know when you make it
You still roll no matter the toll you’ve been faced with
You paid it, flesh bones this road is paved with
This life that we live, we chose the vocation
We’re called to it, like a rose called through the pavement
Called to it, like a brush called to the painting
Wounded in battle, we’ll crawl and we’ll make it
We dig beneath the surface, trawl information
Knowledge, we gain it, no opportunity wasted
Problems we face it, resolve with no hatred
Walk calm amidst, the storms of relations
Locked arm and arm, we’re stronger when linked in
Your own mind’s the weapon, be armed, and tenacious
Any braces, placed upon you, break them
Man seeks freedom, wasn’t meant to be chained in
Remove the blindfold, your brain is awakened
You’ve now entered the lodge, of your lumination
Metamorphosis change, for self-liberation
The old self must die, and face it’s extinction
Victory is mine, behold it and taste it
The old self must die, and face it’s extinction
Resurrect your self, a new incarnation
A discipline, tested, deserves coronation
The road less travelled, the self undertakes it
But every road that’s blazed, has been undertaken
With eyes open, many have still not awakened
Break free, resist the hold of the slaveship
They’ll lure you with gold to a life of enslavement
Break free, chrysalis, unfolding in stages
Break free, nothing can hold you, break it
Emerge from your shell, I told you you’ll make it
Wing span expands behold your creation
Teach others, do not withhold information
Find others with wings, and roll in formation
There’s no need for waiting, your soul is the savior
Break free, nothing can hold you, break it
Break free, nothing can hold you, break it

:::Martin Luther King, Jr.:::

I will break free… (repeat)

Of racism
Of self-sabotage
Of not standing up
Of not speaking up
Of going with the masses
To conform for what?
Of not turning off the tube studying the books
Of judging people’s characters by the way they look
Of always sticking to the script playing by the book
Of not eating real food just to power up
Of being in a rut
Of given my money and time and thought to companies that don’t give a fuck…
I’m a break free…
Quiet weapons for silent wars are fought through philosophy
So I’m a build on my mind like it’s property
Track Name: One Eye (feat. Undogmatic)
This is the origin the beginning the infinite
The essence of knowledge that provided everything that we're living with
The universal blueprint pervasive
I am the creator and the creation’s molecular integration
The dark matter and the place where the light wave is
My body is the universe crafted in human shapes with
The knowledge born in cellular life
Understanding through knowledge and wis husband and wife that's given sight
I am infinite, given a name by my progenitors
But unbound by the confines of whatever a letter does
Communicate ahead of the parabola of sound waves
Mental grave digger causing raptures from the sound stage
Spoke at a profound age - guided by the wise men
With compressed data from ancestors inside him
I'm naturally eugenic... forming in the womb I was fashioned
From the best of what the universe presented...

Ye are all gods, and you body is the temple
The pyramid, the eye up top, that's your mental
Look down and see what your mind has got you into
Building on a firm ground's essential
Climbing through the bricks and the steps you, understand life within you
And lay the cornerstone begin to
Elevate from inside out and rise to your apex to shine
Until you look down and see the world through one eye...

Matters never destroyed, but how was it born?
How do sperm cells and zygotes know what to form?
The sociological norms can jeopardize your ascension
Through the… innermost and the uppermost dimensions
So I advocate, studying the context you're living in
And speaking about the challenges you're dealing with
Supreme architects make a blueprint and survey the land
So they can understand the best means to carry the plan
This is the way of the universal student
I see the patterns governing my heartbeat the sunshine and music
Mathematics and measurements, purely on the basis
Of a separate observer... is a limitation...
You can’t overstand your environment without first knowing your own self
To get the picture that it’s framed in
To understand the vibrance, you need to dilate your mind’s iris
So that you can see the vividness provided... try it...

Track Name: Commitment (feat. Undogmatic)
I can't think right…
I'm doing 90 on the wrong road wrong way gas pedal no response to brake lights
I had to turn left tonight, I don't plan to take right
Drunk by myself drive till I see the tank light
Murders on my mind but it's suicide really…
Foul thoughts mental devils dwell inside kill me
It's dead quiet… no radio no beats no sound but wind
The noise it drowns within
I'm bound to win my pride it hates to lose when
I do I'm lost feeling like I lost again
I’m on the highway… tired of doing my things my way
Cause my way don’t pay ‘fore I know it’s Friday
I’m pissed off… key in the ignition
Shouldn’t be driving really ain’t making a good decision
To hell with my direction, red light I blew through the intersection
Got wiped out from both directions...

The road of commitment is bumpy is struggle and pain lies, respect
Sacrifice gotta stick out your neck
It's quitting betrayal no loyalty, late nights lost sleep
Defeat, working by yourself for weeks

I woke up with bright lights above me…
Heart monitor, beeping wrapped up like a mummy
My eyes had to close up peering through my eyelashes
I feel stitches on my body where the gash is
I crashed in… middle of the road wasn’t thinking
Intoxicated by my own thinking
I was so drunk I couldn’t see the brake lights or red lights or traffic
Now look at what happened
Lucky to be alive with sane mind can’t believe I took myself for a ride
Hopefully nobody died…
They said somebody did…
Passed out when they said it was a [censor]...
The heart monitor spiked I lost sight faded out
Hope I don’t wake up, rather die myself
Than ever walk or drive for any distance
On the road of commitment, I quit this, fuck it …
Track Name: Fibonacci'd Cry (feat. Undogmatic)
In the beginning, there was nothing, and nothing did exist
But something, did exist, ‘cause nothing, did exist
It caused, an effect, without, being caused
And would cause, a single point, to be the start, of it all
It saw, it’s face, in the point, that was made
And it’s reflection, was the birth, of time, and space
So now, there was nothing, a point time and space
Which manifest by creating, matter atom, in it’s place
And another, and another, it would exponentiate
They would move, creating heat, collide, detonate
And fusion, and fission, multiply, and division
Through attraction and subtraction, it arrived arrived at the decision…
That math, ematics, would be the way it would speak
And become known to everything it’s energy, could reach

And so it saw everything it made, but nothing saw it
Because it’s creation was born from its reflection, a living derivative that saw with its own eyes
And simply held the language of mathematics in itself
And through that mathematics the reflection, created in its image, could see and understand the mind it manifest

Then it cried out from the heavens yelling
0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13

It’s void, and the blackness, symbolized empty space
But this space, contained energy, that was dark, per se
It pervaded, and it moved in a certain shape that’s, hexagonal
And it paved the way for light and matter atoms, to travel through
And it took, the mathematics with it…
So everything created from it understood the system…
Stars, planets, solar systems, moons moving galaxies
Populated dramatically, all created mathematically
Automatically, life was born from life, and intelligence
Was embedded in everything that was composed, of the elements
Macrocosm, microcosm, as above so below
Space time warps, gravity, other forces begin to show…
Man can now use his eyes to see his own reflection and
Begin the process in his cipher building, with intelligence
And use his own decisions, collectively and personal
Now you can use your mind to hold the planets, that circle you...
Track Name: This Is All (feat. Undogmatic)
So tell me, this is all?
I came here and got less but I expected more
Is this it? Is this the gift that I’ve been waiting for?
Is this the only the treasure that’s buried beyond the door?...

I know there’s more here, I was patient and waited a couple of more years
Blood, sweat, energy and tears
Now I stand here... in disbelief that I waited…
Cause now I see the fruit of my labor is not the greatest…
I feel that my beautiful palace has dissipated…
And my reward’s not exactly what I anticipated…
I know that... things change
But to get here… I persevered physical pain…
Had to play psychological games endured strain
When the stress became trauma, I prayed to stay calmer…
Resorted to the spiritual plane to stay at ease
Not for greed and... not only during times of need
I remained humble, and my ethics were all pervasive…
Respectful, followed the rules no violations
Seeing what’s before me, is this the conclusion to my story?
There’s got to be more to it… there’s got to be more…

So tell me, this is all? I came here and got less but I expected more
Is this it? Is this the gift that I’ve been waiting for?
Is this the only the treasure that’s buried beyond the door?…

I dreamt of this moment but to live it is a nightmare
The riches I envisioned to be, are not here
But I have one question for you; listen hear
How would you feel if what you lived for was not there?
If every ambition, and every aspiration
Never happened and you never really did achieve your dream
And you worked so diligent to see yourself make it
And you’ve been through it all with your scars as proof…
That’s how I feel right now… incapacitated
I need to find purpose… I’m feeling quite worthless
I felt like a better life awaited… I hoped it would arrive
But I see that my ride never came
Where’s the yellow pavement?... Who can give me what I need
Feeling lifeless, I’m asking for encouragement to breath
Feeling off balance, I need a hand just to lead
To the point that I can understand this, I can’t believe what I’m seeing…

So tell me, this is all? I came here and got less but I expected more
Is this it? Is this the gift that I’ve been waiting for?
Is this the only the treasure that’s buried beyond the door?(2x)…

As the tears flow down from my face I try to hide it
Had to use the collar of my shirt just to wipe it
A mix of emotion… anger, sadness
Sanity and madness, falling into fragments
It’s tough to swallow that I’m at the end of the road
At the very place that I envisioned the goal
But… can’t believe that this is all
Is this what I’ve waited for, I desired more
Look at me, see the pain it took for me to get this…
This gift is a curse but I expected a blessing…
All of those that gave me support, time and effort…
They wished me the best and to them I am indebted…
But, how I do pay… and what do I say
When I come back with this... this is not sufficient…
I’m debating if it’s… even worth mentioned
That I went through hell to get here and traveled all the distance
When all I have to show are emotional scars
From struggling for so long, many things are gone
Since I sacrificed a lot of things that I considered worthless
But in my hindsight I am questioning every purpose… it wasn’t even worth it…

So tell me, this is all? I came here and got less but I expected more
Is this it? Is this the gift that I’ve been waiting for?
Is this the only the treasure that’s buried beyond the door?…
Track Name: When Dreams Die (feat. Undogmatic)
Look at what they got they don’t deserve it, I struggled longer I’m worth it
They’ve been given the money but they won’t be using it for higher purpose
I’m the proper servant... God... where you at God?
You gonna leave your children broke searching for crumbs that they can snack on?
You said you’ll never forsake me, but you played me
How you gonna have me starving and then hit them with a house and a new Mercedes?
Fuck it, maybe you ain’t real God, for real God
You the one that gave me the signs said it was time for me to proceed with faith and to be real strong
Now all of my faith has passed on...

This is the sound of cries when dreams die (x4)
I got, the weight of the world on my shoulders like
Sisyphus struggling rolling the heaviest boulder
Only to watch it roll it towards him
Over again… (x4)

Where am I at I shouldn’t be here what happened to dreams
Seems like, I’m stuck in between what I got and what I should’ve received
My efforts futile (fu-tile), looking in the mirror like who you? now
The weight of my obligation stronger ‘cause I now got 2 childs
And dreams don’t cook the rice and sure don’t buy it just like to talk don’t
The bullshit has run throughout our porcelain shop and left us all broke
So where’s the buck when need you it?... Peep it...
My philosophy... based on manifest destination untill I didn’t receive the gift
Of meritocratic philosophical bases, keep trying, nah
There’s a line between time-wise and time wasted
And I won’t waste another minute spinning my wheels with affirmations
Reading some recitations thinking they’ll change my manifestations
Take ‘em… and put them in the flames where my dreams will be the embers
They were... once whole but now they’re ashes and dismembered
Gone, you’d be lucky to put them back together
They are now like, a bird chained to the ground wanting to fly but lacking the feathers dying...

Track Name: Bad Day (feat. Vitality & Undogmatic)
I burn calendars when time moves slow due to pain
The longest moment then occurs through the fall of a grain
On hourglasses, I wish that I could reverse its path and
Send it backwards to back in time when I could claim my satisfaction...
Has it… been an hour or a day?… I kneel and pray…
The past echoes in my present state…
Keep my head above water wait…
I've got a weight on my ankle while water levels elevate I need to levitate to get a break…
What'll go first? Me or the chain…
It hurts, it couldn't be worse or could it?
Cut it, amputate me from my life's mistakes…
It's like a tumor that has grown over my former face...
The mirror never lies right?
So now I’m seeing my life through malicious eyesights awake at twilight
Prep’ing for work, rectifying yesterday with sorrow…
A bad day… praying for a, better tomorrow...

When these 24 hours start to feel like weeks
Wide awake after midnight, I cannot sleep
Wide awake after midnight, I cannot sleep
When these 24 hours start to feel like weeks x2

If thoughts are sins I’m going to hell I already know this clearly
If thoughts are sins you’re going to hell that means that you’ll be near me
If only God can judge me then who’s the jury?...
Who’s gon’ justify this man’s fury?...
Who’s gon’ be the one to stand near me?
If hell is hot then heaven’s cold like a frozen heart inside a soul
Every heart, beat breaks a part of your brittle arteries off
Little ice, crystals fall to the Earth in a flurry melt and be gone…


Commitment is a battle, commitment is a fight
Commitment never sleeps, commitment’s day and night
Commitment takes blood, commitment takes tears
Commitment builds lives, it sacrifices years (repeat)

When these 24 hours start to feel like weeks
Wide awake after midnight, I cannot sleep
Wide awake after midnight, I cannot sleep
When these 24 hours start to feel like weeks x2

a new dawn arrives
and my tired hands
expand like a broken heart
that never plans
to find forever
when the sun goes down
i pick up my head
and i look around
where the dead are dead
and they ain't coming back
strength i find
in compassion i lack
will get me home
yet crack its foundation
this distance is armor
and this amazing
new lease on life
comes with a price
my skin ages where
somebody's light
colors my grey
and i walk away
where the end of the earth
will never say
there's room to grow
a black rose bestows
the gift of life
right beside the low
side of a high
that makes time a threat
and hinges the trap doors
my love reflects
the day is long
but it is done
and a blank page
becomes the one
sense of pure
that gets me home
my soul is dim
and i don't own
a wholesome life
or sleep at night
i lost you where
the road looks like
the echo chamber
of a tear
that don't exist
as if your fears
and my bad habits
take the hand
of the other
as they stand
before tomorrow
a bizarre
sky above
a falling star
becomes a wrinkle
on my face
a thin line between
the time i waste
and dying happy
is the ingenious
skeleton of distance
that lies between us
Track Name: The Vatican (feat. Undogmatic)
Snuck in the Vatican, and found the truth about a lot of shit
Found the truth about the Christian and Mohammaden
I found the high priests were also astrologers
They studied the heavens and followed it…
The allegory of astrologic theology’s told through ancient gods and the goddesses
And told through the heiroglyphs…
The pyramids built pre-Egyptian
Not as a tomb but a power system
Saw the the truth of our genesis
That mankind is a genetic experiment manufactured by aliens…
That they’re the gods from the heavens and
The supreme being they believe in is a master geneticist
And taught hermetics and medicine
And knew all the sciences of the energies and the table of elements
Every current technology progression’s really a remnant
Of evidence left behind many millenia
Underground cities in Earth many kilometers
Pre-telescopic knowledge of stars in Andromeda
The Renaissance brought the knowledge to all of the
Scientists like Descartes and opened the mental aqueducts…

Snuck in the Vatican, and found the truth about a lot shit
Found the truth about the cross and the obelisk
I saw the historical books that they claimed were burned
They had the copies of them there perfectly preserved
I saw the messages encoded in the star of David
And found the secret of the Mars’ faces
I saw the reason why lunar module during the space race
Lifted off from the moon without leaving a blast crater
I saw a levitator, that could pick up any megalith
And move it on no matter how much it weighed up
They used a power grid but none of it was wired up
They used zero point energy to power up...
Track Name: Jihad (feat. Undogmatic)
They say that I can overcome fear (How is that?)
In the face of death keep marching (Use courage)
In the face of death keep marching x4

Burn the ships, never going back, cut the bridges off
Ready able and willing I’m raw, this is inner war
I ain’t going back to living the way I lived before
I ain’t going back to doing the things I did before
Until I lay in the morgue, I’m taking my a step for
My future, I motivate with a jet force
I’m my own savior, use the right and my left arms
Mastering my cipher is only making me get strong...
Track Name: The Black Eye (feat. Undogmatic)
I smell topsoil and roses, grass and seeds
A strange ability, because I lack the lungs to breathe
My eyes adjusted to the darkness, but still I can’t see shit
Strange anomaly because I lack the eyes to see with
But do I have a mind to dream when I lack a brain to reason
I’m back in the womb of mother earth and getting deepened
72 inches plus a rapid loss of body mass
My placenta’s a casket but will it last?
When I hear the pressure from the ground above knocking on it’s surface
Gravity pulling me deep into mother earth it’s
My birth in reverse it, feels like finally...
My life on the surface, had purpose
First my mother pushed me out, now I’m being pushed back
Back into darkness, back into black
Back in the days I lived my life knowing I would see this
I had my meeting with death, her kiss was the sweetest
She’s even with me right now protecting me and keeping
She told me everyone I knew that died I would meet them
And that they never really died and it’s possible to see them
If I open the eye that the darkness helps me see in
I use that same eye to tell you now what I’m seeing
The black eye the eye doesn’t need light see with
The black eye the eye that stays inside the human being
The eye that drives you, the eye that survives you
The eye that, when you’re drained of life it revives you
The eye that, sees your lack and when it can supplies you...
Dead but alive, I know it may surprise you
We’re only separated by a veil I am by you
We’re only separated by a veil I am by you
We can see each other if we try to
We can see each other if we try to, but I need your hand to reach...
I need my name to be written I need you speak
I need, the lights off... at brightest keep the light soft
Using candles for your light source
I can see you looking for me, walking through me...
I can’t obstruct your path there’s no more density to me
When you’re looking at my photos, I’m looking back at you
Even though you think the eyes are looking right past you
I made, the candle flicker getting your attention
Fire doesn’t burn me through this other dimension...

I kiss my son every night that he goes to sleep
You water my grave when your tears weep
So I smell flowers every spring while I sleep...
A strange ability, because I Iack the brain to think
And the more I lose my physical the more I spread
Into other forms of life, I am never dead
I am back in into mother earth, the black of mother earth
Blacker than the blackest black black like a curse
The type of black that, you can never see but only see with
The black eye, the eye that can defy a man’s reason
The black eye, the eye that makes the earth change seasons
The black eye, the only eye that you can use to see us